Kenny Carter


Hey hey! First blog post! Woooooooo!

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful group of adventuring friends. It’s probably my favorite thing to do, exploring/roadtripping/whathaveyou. This particular Sunday afternoon, it was just sunny enough for picnicking. After church, our group took off for World’s End Park in Hingham, Mass., not too far outside the city.

Needless to say, the views were stunning. The hills rolled, the sunlight streamed–we hardcore picnicked and generally buffooned like no one’s business.

This was a particularly exciting shoot for me, since it was my first time breaking in my new cam! Just upgraded from a Canon Rebel XSi to a Canon 6D Mark III. I took pictures of every leaf, I was so excited.

Then we happened upon this boulder, and everything clicked. The rock was amazing. Kenny’s outfit, also amazing. It was clear. We were meant to have this photoshoot. It was fate, really.

A photographer friend and I seized the opportunity to snap away and the results, I must say, I’m pretty happy with. Kenny is a bold soul, and quite a natural! I squirm on the other side of the lens, but Kenneth took it all in stride, even proposing a few locations himself.



As I review these pictures, I’m overcome with feelings of warmth and happiness. What a beautiful world we get to explore. Thank you, Kenny, for being such a willing model!

Until next time. 🙂


See the full shoot images from the collection here:


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