Raphael Campos


I met Raphael in probably one of the most fantastic ways you could meet a person. While eating at my favorite restaurant, Sarma, a waiter walked up to me and my friend and noticed us taking a selfie (Yes, I know, we’re those people). He saw my grey contacts and literally yelled, “STOP IT RIGHT NOW WITH THOSE EYES.” We became best friends immediately. Aaaaand may have taken selfies with our matching glasses.


Raphael Campos is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Filled with kindness, laughs and a great spirit. He is so warm and loving. When he approached me for a shoot, I think I may have been more excited than he was! Shooting gave us the opportunity for a much needed catch-up, and for a trek around Boston’s Seaport, which is definitely a favorite of mine.


I appreciate Raphael’s drive. He moved to the United States knowing very little English, which you would never know if you met him since he is as billingual as it gets (a goal of mine!). He has many creative passions and lets me sing duets with him just because why not. As you can see from the shots, he’s also a talented dancer, which made for some great pictures and awkward stares from passerbys (haters gonna hate!).


Raphael, thank you so much for years of friendship here in Beantown. I’m so happy to have gotten to be a part of capturing a little bit of your contagious spirit on camera ❤


Until next time,


For the full shoot, see the collection here: http://raquelrossphotography.pixieset.com/raphaelcampos/

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