Jennifer Sansone


One of the best parts of working at an advertising agency is getting to meet and collaborate with some crazy awesome personalities. Jen is 100% one of those people! Infectiously happy, tons of energy–in my time at Digitas I was lucky to get to know her. So obviously, when she approached me to shoot, I was so down.


We started with Beacon Hill, Jen proudly wearing a top as bright and vibrant as her personality. In just a little over an hour, we had 3 outfit changes and too many locations to count. To accomplish this, we literally had to run around the Boston Common and Charles Street, racing the sun as it set.



Jen is a great sport. “Get in the grass!” “Get in that tree!” “Jump in the air!” I can ask for a lot at times. She did it all and even had a few great ideas of her own 🙂 I love shooting with people like Jen, because they come just as ready to create something exciting.


Thanks, Jen, for a great time (on the shoot and at Digi!). So happy this got to be my farewell Boston shoot.


See photos from the full photoshoot here:

Until next time 🙂


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