Sabrina Buntinx


One of my greatest joys in moving to a new place is the new and interesting people I get to meet. Sabrina Buntinx is no exception. Hailing from Belgium, Sabrina is shameless, fun, and one of the more creative people I’ve met. This firecracker would regularly teach me things about American pop culture (that I barely knew), and was always down for a long winding tale (of which, I have many). I had teased her about a shoot for ages, and luckily for me, she was quick to agree.



Sabrina is such a natural. She was serious about every part of the shoot–she came equipped with outfits to match new environments and posed with the best of ’em. Through collaboration, I can say we both walked away with something we’re quite proud of. And that’s the best feeing of all.


Sabrina, thanks again for the shoot. I think there could be a career in this for you yet 😉

Until next time,


Check out the full photoshoot here:

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