Madrid Friend Shoot

IMG_7722Every now and again, there are special people who come just as amped to the shoot as you do. Quite possibly even more. These clients come ready to take names. They do not come to play–gloves off, it’s time to work. Sarah, Cynthia, Josephine, Océanne and Tena brought that zeal…and then some. This awesome group of roomies decided: why not go all out, coordinate a look and do a friend shoot? (I seriously need friends like this).



A cold, rainy day gave us the creative challenge of finding indoor locations to shoot. We chose an old train station in Madrid with fantastic natural light pouring in (Estación del Norte), and a hidden museum wing in the Palacio de Cibeles where we snuck shots while admiring art. With their bright white outfits and tons of ‘tude, the result was a shoot filled with lots of vogueing, and needless to say, lots of fun.


Ladies, thanks for killin’ it.

Until next time, Raquel 🙂

Check out the full photoshoot here:


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