Morocco Portraits


There are some places so magical that when the sun is sinking low and everything is turning to gold, the only responsible choice is to snap pictures like your life absolutely depends on it. For me, Morocco was that place. Walking around the mystical blue hues of Chefchaouen and being absolutely dazzled by the crisp beachy air and winding cobbled squares in Asilah are memories that I won’t soon forget.




I went on a trip with a couple friends (Morocco is not far from Spain) and as we explored, everyone could tell I was itching to shoot. But I had the bug bad, my friends. Because I roped in strangers too. And you know what? I don’t regret it for a minute 🙂




Thanks to all the faces–new and old–that allowed me to capture some of the unique character of this country. Morocco, I will absolutely return one day!



Check out the full photoshoot here:

Until next time,

Raquel ❤


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