Mila Rosenberg


After so many years in New England, I have started to accept winter and all that it brings. The frosty nights, the early sunsets, the dark days, the gravelly salt.


And of course snow. I have learned to accept the snow.


First snow is something that I think even the most hardened soul must appreciate. The world is a snow globe. The trees are covered in a powdery dust. The city looks like a scene from a Rockwell.



And when the sun settles on the white layer, the world is illuminated with bright radiance–a reminder that winter is only for a season, and spring will be on its way.




Thank you, Mila, for joining us, David Skinner for organizing, and Joshua Duttweiler for being a fun photography companion during our “first snow” shoot. This Floridian may have found her new snow sport 😉


To see our entire shoot, check out the full album here:

Until next time,

Raquel ❤

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