Nature is an awful thing.

Let me tell you my feelings on nature.


It’s awful.

Allow me to explain.

There are few times where the stillness and observance of something can stun me into humility. But think on this: water, earth. Think.

A lake. A waterfall. A mountain. A gorge.

I personally find deep fascination with bringing about the new, the beautiful. I’m typing on something that is quite a feat of human engineering and design. But somehow combinations of water and earth, they’re just different.

Water, earth.

Each time I am in a plane and lift into the sky to look down on our beautiful home, I’m humbled.

Water, earth.

Every time I catch the setting sun showering the trees with gold, it puts everything on pause.


See, this is why nature is an awful thing.

Because if something as plain as water and simple as earth could not only sustain us, but entertain us

Could not only fill us with rest, but fill us with reverence

Could actually be the origin of every single thing we have created under the sun

(and let me remind, we are talking about dirt, here)

Then the timelessness of this design is absolutely terrifying. Relevant for all generations. Constantly incredible.

Who could even begin to concept water, earth?


Thanks to Thea Gatlin for an awesome shoot. You can check out more photos from out time together here:

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