It’s 4:54


It’s currently 4:54. I just felt I should start with that. I’m glancing over to the couch across from me and soft light is spilling in through the window. I have a ton of things to do. I kind of wish I had a French Bulldog. But one that would take itself on walks and pay for its own vet visits.

But alas, such is life. Bulldogless.




Back to that light. Maybe it’s a tired trope, photographers talking about the magic of the ever elusive “perfect light.” I think my friends are pretty tired of it. I was once sitting in an evening church service when radiant beams of glorious gold broke through the large window and bathed the pastor with light. My world became still as every single neuron in my brain was firing, silently screaming at the beauty of it all. I knew: I was the only person appreciating this. The only human slowly dying, mind racing with the devastating reality of fleeting portrait opportunities. My phone buzzed.

“You see that light?”

Oh, okay, false alarm.



If there is one thing that I am thankful that years of informal photo-study have given me, it is an appreciation for the miracle of our sun’s fiery blaze. In all of its slivers, shimmers, bouncing, refracting, bending, blinding, diffused, highly distracting, golden glory.

It’s 6:10 now.


A huge thank you to Ramsel & Jeeyoon for shooting with me. You can check out our full shoot here:

Until next time,

Raquel ❤



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