Where my Photoshoppers at


An Ode to Those Stuck in Darkrooms.

To all the weary, hunched over their computer screens at max brightness burning out their retinas,

To all those quick to fire the shutter during the shoot (only to later discover the prolific mountains of files to sort and edit in post),

To my fellow-poor, throwing down mad moola for some Lightroom presets you know you could darn-well create yourself,

To the creative snowflakes just trying to select the exact palettes and tones that properly represent their inner souls,

To the ones who have prayed for a miracle from the gods of Sharpness and Clarity when you found the lens was just straight up out of focus,

This is for you.




Because I know what it is like to stare at YouTube tutorials on creating the perfect “S” in the Tone Curve panel,

And I get what it is to spend 45 minutes editing literally just one picture, all the while second-guessing your worth as a creative human being,

And who else would understand the feeling of deep and utter woe when the client decides on a new crop and a few layered Instagram filters but still blesses us with that tag?

If not, my friend, do you even Adobe?


So let’s raise a lens, wave our Speedlites. Get out and maybe go see the sun, dear comrade, it is lovely. Since you took 3000 photos at your last engagement session, I assure you the work is not going anywhere.

Where my Photoshoppers at.


Big thanks to Mackenzy Lackey for killing it at the modeling game. Check out more from our shoot here: https://raquelrossphotography.pixieset.com/mackenzylackey/

Until next time,

❤ Raquel

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