1 Year


1 year.

This comes to mind as I stare at the images of this sweet family: just 1 year ago, the smallest of this group was not here. Just 1 year ago, his name was being spoken in excited whispers. 1 year.



When your entire life as you know it has been 365 days, how long is the passing of each hour?

When all you’ve had is January to December, how indescribable is the feeling of accomplishment in learning a new skill? In learning actually anything at all? In the realization that you can learn?



When you’ve just revolved around the sun just once, are you more in tune with the subtleties of its position and power?

When in your lifespan you’ve experienced Christmas one time, as a pseudo-anomaly in an otherwise stable life of eating and sleeping, how crazy was that day, am I right?



Every excitement so great, every wonder so small. Everything appreciated. You and I know we’ve been on this earth for far more than 1 year, but I’m not sure that’s something we’re meant to outgrow.


Special thanks to the Lassiter Family for allowing me to capture their special day with their little one! Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Until next time,

Raquel ❤

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