Attack Hugs


There’s a big difference between shooting individual portraits and meeting up with a family to take photos–shooting families is a fun challenge. I find that all of my many hats come into play. First and foremost, we’re all here for photography so I pop on my photo hat, sussing out the sun, locations and suggesting poses. But then there is another factor at play. There is the unpredictable, high energy, constantly surprising element of children.



I made a career switch about a year ago to work closely with families through my job at Mosaic Boston Church. It’s been absolutely nothing but rewarding. Every Sunday you might say I have children coming out of my ears. And that’s a truly incredible thing. So when I’m shooting families, it’s the ability to be silly, play make-believe, and come up with games on the spot that helps me more than understanding how to quickly shift my focal points (though that comes in handy too).


Kids are incredible because you kind of never know what you’re going to get. It’s their raw honesty that makes spending time with them so memorable. I might’ve made the mistake of taking young brothers and telling them that they could be ninjas, attacking each other with deadly hugs. We all got pretty riled, but it made for some cute pics.



The Klein Family is a really special clan. They’re valuable to our community in so many ways. When Mom asked me if I might be interested in doing portraits, I didn’t have to think twice.



Klein Family, you’re bursting with personality, all the way down to the youngest. I hope you enjoyed this shoot just as much as I did. Thanks for an incredible time.


Until next time,

Raquel ❤

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