I belong to a special group of folks. This one, to be precise. And as families are, there are ways in which I’m astonished by our differences. But there are many more in which I’m staring directly into my reflection. If you watch closely enough, these are the people that tell you a little about … More Family

Rain or Shine

This shoot brought to you from a very cold and unexpectedly rainy day. My feet were numb for hours after, but with a family like this, there were still smiles all around. The McElroy Family is a precious group. They were so easy-going with the fact that it was literally raining on their parade and … More Rain or Shine

Grown: Gallery Opening

Last night, “Grown”, a series that I assistant shot with Joshua Duttweiler (lead photographer) last summer, had its very own gallery opening. That reality still hasn’t quite caught up with me. As friends, old coworkers, and art lovers buzzed about the gallery, stopping me to remind me “this is crazy”, it dawned on me: this … More Grown: Gallery Opening

Attack Hugs

There’s a big difference between shooting individual portraits and meeting up with a family to take photos–shooting families is a fun challenge. I find that all of my many hats come into play. First and foremost, we’re all here for photography so I pop on my photo hat, sussing out the sun, locations and suggesting … More Attack Hugs

Clouds don’t bother me none

As long as there’s no rain. Bring on those clouds. We’ll shoot right through ’em. Sure, bring the reflector too. Huge thanks to Andrew Letter for being up for a challenge. Hard to believe he’s never modeled a day in his life. Killed it. Check out more from our session together here: Until next time, … More Clouds don’t bother me none


Portugal was so nice, had to visit twice. Porto Douro Valley Algarve Lisbon See all the portrait fun here: Until next time, ❤ Raquel

1 Year

1 year. This comes to mind as I stare at the images of this sweet family: just 1 year ago, the smallest of this group was not here. Just 1 year ago, his name was being spoken in excited whispers. 1 year. When your entire life as you know it has been 365 days, how … More 1 Year


There is something soothing about the inkiness of black. I don’t really have much else to say. Huge thanks to my dear friend, Emily Cline for 1: being a smokin’ model and 2: always being down for the never-ending impromptu shoots. She was in town just trying to enjoy the city and I probably made … More [untitled]