It’s 4:54

It’s currently 4:54. I just felt I should start with that. I’m glancing over to the couch across from me and soft light is spilling in through the window. I have a ton of things to do. I kind of wish I had a French Bulldog. But one that would take itself on walks and pay … More It’s 4:54

Time Waits

For no man, as the adage goes. I was looking through my iPhone where I keep a note with thoughts that strike me. This one is a quote that I’d forgotten: “I could tell the time was winding down in 2016–I could feel the weeks rushing by. I deliver meals on Tuesdays. As soon as … More Time Waits

Taylor Zavala

I Am Seeing Red. In more ways than one. It’s everywhere. And even just a dot of it demands all the attention. Big thanks to Taylor, a girl that I met on our very own MBTA Blue Line, for the collab. Check out our full photoshoot here: Until next time, Raquel ❤

David Skinner

When it’s your photographer friend’s birthday, a birthday shoot is clearly in order. What better way to celebrate than by stomping around puddles in the garage? Happy Birthday, Skinner.   Check out the full shoot here: Until next time, Raquel ❤

Mila Rosenberg

After so many years in New England, I have started to accept winter and all that it brings. The frosty nights, the early sunsets, the dark days, the gravelly salt. And of course snow. I have learned to accept the snow. First snow is something that I think even the most hardened soul must appreciate. … More Mila Rosenberg

Hawkins Family

What am I thankful for? As cliche as it is, this season I’m truly thankful for time spent with family. The family that you come from, the family that you make, the family that you choose, the family that you don’t choose. I’m thankful for all of the people in my life who consider me … More Hawkins Family

Kyra Post

My last day in Madrid, I saw a wall. I texted a willing roommate. This is the result. “You okay if we get a little weird?” “Yeah, let’s go for it.” Kyra, thanks for jumping in and doing all the fun poses. Made my job easy 😉 You can check out the full photoshoot here: … More Kyra Post