Portugal was so nice, had to visit twice. Porto Douro Valley Algarve Lisbon See all the portrait fun here: https://raquelrossphotography.pixieset.com/portugal/ Until next time, ❤ Raquel

1 Year

1 year. This comes to mind as I stare at the images of this sweet family: just 1 year ago, the smallest of this group was not here. Just 1 year ago, his name was being spoken in excited whispers. 1 year. When your entire life as you know it has been 365 days, how … More 1 Year


There is something soothing about the inkiness of black. I don’t really have much else to say. Huge thanks to my dear friend, Emily Cline for 1: being a smokin’ model and 2: always being down for the never-ending impromptu shoots. She was in town just trying to enjoy the city and I probably made … More [untitled]

It’s 4:54

It’s currently 4:54. I just felt I should start with that. I’m glancing over to the couch across from me and soft light is spilling in through the window. I have a ton of things to do. I kind of wish I had a French Bulldog. But one that would take itself on walks and pay … More It’s 4:54

Time Waits

For no man, as the adage goes. I was looking through my iPhone where I keep a note with thoughts that strike me. This one is a quote that I’d forgotten: “I could tell the time was winding down in 2016–I could feel the weeks rushing by. I deliver meals on Tuesdays. As soon as … More Time Waits

Taylor Zavala

I Am Seeing Red. In more ways than one. It’s everywhere. And even just a dot of it demands all the attention. Big thanks to Taylor, a girl that I met on our very own MBTA Blue Line, for the collab. Check out our full photoshoot here: https://raquelrossphotography.pixieset.com/taylorzavala/ Until next time, Raquel ❤

David Skinner

When it’s your photographer friend’s birthday, a birthday shoot is clearly in order. What better way to celebrate than by stomping around puddles in the garage? Happy Birthday, Skinner.   Check out the full shoot here: https://raquelrossphotography.pixieset.com/davidskinner/ Until next time, Raquel ❤